Wednesday, February 1, 2012

200 Miles!

Another easy goal goes down! I ran 200.7 miles in January, breaking my monthly miles record of 191.5 last February and another one of my easy goals.  One month into 2012 and I have already reached three of my easy goals which means I'm either doing great or my goals were too easy. I'm going to go with the former and be happy about it :)


Took this after my run, pleased with the headlamp
My first run of February was my longest mid week long run ever.  I ran with Frank again and we did 13 miles on the tow path, in the rain, at 6:30, while it was still dark.  I was so glad to not do this alone because something about running in the rain in the dark is depressing to me.  Running with a friend makes all the difference.  I was excited for this run because I got to use my headlamp for the first time. I really wanted to try it out because I'll be needing it as I keep increasing my distance and may find myself running in the dark on trails. It definitely came in handy for the first 20 or so minutes.

I did not take this picture since I did not have my phone with me, but
this was the closest picture I could find to convey the sphere-like shape
 of this big guy.
I had another animal encounter today. Frank and I came across a beaver on the tow path.  I didn't remember them being so fat, but this guy was like a large ball of fur. You couldn't even see his legs as he scurried into the canal. It happened pretty quickly but I was sure it was a beaver because of his tail. I'm glad I didn't have to have a show down with him, although Frank was with me and he is a 4th (at least 3rd) degree black belt so I probably would have let him handle it.


  1. Nice work dude! 200 miles... wow. I might achieve that number this month, but I'm only two days in so far :) I'm glad you got to put your headlamp to good use. I can say the earliest I ever woke up for a long run was 2:30, so I could start running at 3:15am. This was because I wanted to have my 20 miles done with plenty of time to stretch and loosen up before my 7am karate class. We do some crazy things to get our runs in. Yeah, I'm a fourth degree black belt in Shotokan karate as of Jan 2011. That beaver was enormous but I could have taken him... maybe :)

  2. Yeah, 2:30 is pretty nutso! :) But I can see doing that some time because addicts do crazy things to get their fix. I'm glad I got your degree of black belt right. I was remembering when you got it and you skipped from 2nd to 4th. I was only slightly doubting it because you haven't updated that in your about me section on Also, no running section there either? I think it's time for an update, because I now you have tons of free time for that kind of thing.